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How to Homeschool in Brevard County

Simple answers to your question: How to Homeschool in Brevard County?

How to Homeschool in Brevard County FL

1.  If you want to learn your rights and information about homeschooling in Florida, click here.

2. Write a Letter of Intent to Homeschool or  Fill out the Brevard County Intent to Homeschool Form and mail it or deliver in person to:

Melinda Maynard
Office of Student Services/Home Education – E.S.F.
2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way
Viera, FL 32940-6699

You may wish to send the form or letter via Certified Mail in order to have a record that the letter was received.

3. If the form or letter is received by the Office of Student Services you will receive a reply by mail, usually no sooner than a week after they receive it.

4. Carefully note the date of your form or letter, as this is the date that your ANNUAL EVALUATION will be due every year.

5. Once a year, by the anniversary of your letter of intent to homeschool, you must provide the county with a an ANNUAL EVALUATION, using the county’s Home Education Evaluation Form.

Click here to view the Brevard County Homeschool Handbook.


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